Conservative Queers

Psychotic NC Pastor…wow, terrifying especially because he has a captive audience.

outside of an ad hominem attack every once in a while, Dan Savage holds his own and is Vulcanly logical when he admonishes “conservative” groups.  I put quotation marks around that word because conservative has so many meanings these days.  when i use it in regards to myself, i mean in a sense that indicates more fiscal liberty as well as more social liberty.  that’s libertarianism and ACTUAL conservatism in a nutshell.  these “conservative” groups that jump all over dan savage really aren’t conservative at all.  they are activists who wants laws made to harm other people, to take away freedoms, to strip the humanity away from certain segments of the population.  they want laws to protect their narrowmindedness.  i think there ought to be a bad word to refer to these people—people like Joel Osteen.  oh, wait, there is a word it’s called fucking HYPOCRITE, oh, and BIGOT.  jesus loves hims some fags but jesus doesn’t love hypocritical bigots who run around getting his message all kinds of fucked up.  

song for Bradley Manning, nobel peace prize nominee

Moroccan girl commits suicide after being forced to marry her rapist

Does anyone have legit info on the Obama impeachment???

Fuck Kirk Cameron

take a lesson form good guy Amish and mind your own fucking business, you out of control, misguided loony zealot HAS BEEN.  

how is this happening?